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Sindh High Court is basically the extraordinary and well established institute of the Pakistan. It included in the finest law institutes of the Pakistan, like Baluchistan High court, Lahore High court and Islamabad high court as well. This unique built and ubiquitous organism of Pakistan is located in the Karachi which is the largest city of Pakistan and Sindh province as well. Sindhhigh court is the basic justice providing and maintaining the social balance in the life of inhabitants living in the Sindh province of Pakistan.

The rapid and clear justice given to the people is one of the basic and astonishing characteristics of the Sindhhigh court. And this quality increased the trust and confidence among the people about this unique body of the Sindh province. Civil and criminal matters among the people are clearly heard to the high court of Sindh to provide the free and beautiful justice to the inhabitants of the Sindh province. The establishment year of this larger body was 1926. 12 judges were allocated for the Sindhhigh court.

The major principal seat of Sindh high court is present in Karachi While the Sukhar, Larkana and Hedyrabad contained its circuit benches. The service tenure is about considered to be 62 years in age, after that it leads to retirement. Most of the honorable judges served for this unique and larger institution of the Sindh province. The honorable Chief justice Ahmad Ali Sheikh is serving in the Sindh high court of Pakistan. The 28 number of judges were approved to serve for this institute but currently, 24 judges are working in Sindh high court.

History of Sindh High court

The establishment year of Sindh high court was 1926. In history, a major and judicial court was bodied for the hearing of judicial problems of the inhabitants of the whole province Sindh. The establishment of this body was done in according to the 12th Act of Bombay constituted in the 1866.

The major court built for the people of Sindh was established in 1866. That was named as Sadar court for the Sindh. It was the first and larger appealing court for criminal and social crimes. Later, in the year of 1906, the sadar court was turned in to another unique body which was named as CJCS (Court of judicial commissioner of Sindh).
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Case Search Advance

Advance case search is the latest and unique facility given by the IT department of the Sindh highcourt. By advance case search, we can get all the possible information about the put case in the Sindh highcourt. By just putting the advocate name we can search the information and status of the case. Below link can tell us how to use advance case search and also actual gives the information about case. Click on the Advance case search for the detailed procedure.
Case Search Advance

Roster Sittings of Sindh High Court

The roster sittings of the Sindh high court is the major and pivotal question that is ask in plenty in the people. Most of the people have less information about the roster sittings of the Sindh high court. The unique motive of this article is to reveal the definition of the roster sitting in Sindh high court of Pakistan. The roster sittings is the unique and astonished article on this site. It definitely provides the awareness the users in their occupational areas. People usually, find to be unknown to the Sindh high court roster sittings.
Roster Sittings Sindh High Court

Jurisdiction of the Sindh High Court

Sindh highcourt include three types of jurisdiction which are named as Constitutional jurisdiction, Civil original jurisdiction and supervisory9 jurisdiction. The jurisdiction procedure of Sindh highcourt is awesome and highly effective within the constitutional jurisdiction. The order given by the Sindh highcourt to the any person either he is civil or government servant of any department will be highly appropriate. No ambiguity will be find in the constitutional jurisdiction of the Sindhhigh court. Read More Jurisdiction

Online court proceedings at Sindh high court

Online court proceedings is the unique and prestigious service provided by the information technology department of Sindh high court. This is also known as OCP (Online Court Proceedings) among the court employees. Now this is the great source of information to the petitioners to get their cases online proceedings.

The online proceeding facility is provided for three courts of Karachi city. Case holders can check the status of their cases on exclusive and simple platform by just providing some necessary details about their cases. The case holders simply choose the district court of Sindh High Court in which they have submit the case for great justice. The online court proceedings can be done at Hyderabad district Court, Larkana district court and Sukkur district court.

OCP Sindh High Court

Constitution of the Pakistan in Sindh High court

The constitution of the Pakistan is among the beautiful writings which is playing role in the welfare of the whole our beloved country. Everyone should have general knowledge about the constitution of the Pakistan. This writing parcel helps the every citizen to get the information about their fundamental rights in the Pakistan. You can download the pdf copy of constitution.
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District courts of Sindh high court

The information technological system of Sindh high court is providing many facilities to the petitioners. The major motive of this step is to provide ease to the people to get information of their cases at the one click and at their home. Sukkar, Larkana and Hyderabad contained its district courts of Sindh highcourt. The Facilities are

Information technology department of the Sindh high court is providing all the details about the daily cases of Sindh high court on the daily bases on the internet. You have to just give some basic details about your case and system will provide all the data about your case on just one click. Click on the link given on the mane of daily cases in Sindh high court.
Daily cases

Daily cause list of Sindh High court

The information sector is providing highly unique facility for the petitioners to get the information about their cases submit in the Sindh highcourt. The daily cause list provided by the IT sector of Sindh highcourt gives the information about the hearing schedule of the case put by petitioners in the Sindh highcourt.

A daily cause list can provide the case number. In addition it tells the name of both petitioner parties which have put the case in Sindh highcourt to get the justice for their right provided by the honorable high court of Sindh. Daily causelist also provides the status of proceedings of the case.

Either proceedings is done or in continue, can be directly check on the daily causelist provided by the Sindhhigh court. The daily causelist also describe the total and accurate timing hours to the case holders. They can check the timing hours in the daily cause list, when their case will be proceed to the hearing process. Below, given link can provide you the District court wise causelist, daily nazir causelist and advocate wise causelist to the case holders.
Download Daily Cause List

Case Alert System and ECAMS (Electronic case alert messaging system) of  Sindh High Court

ECAMS is the abbreviation of electronic case alert messaging system implemented on Sindh HighCourt. ECAMS is also known for cases alert system. Most facilitated electronic service given by Sindh HighCourt is ECAMS which is the another form of  CFMS. ECAMS have installed for the High Court of Sindh (Karachi court) and Sukkur bench of Sindh HighCourt currently.

But the passage of time it would be applicable on the other District Courts of Sindh HighCourt.  Case flow management system is the same as electronic case alert messaging system. They differ only on the basis of simple and single difference. Difference is that the CFMS is facilitated the litigant parties on the website and provide the details of their lawsuits.

On the other hand the electronic case management system for at Sindh HighCourt is facilitating the lawsuits holders by providing them the full details of their cases at through their contact numbers and email addresses. So that’s why these both systems are homogeneous. ECAMS (Electronic case alert messaging system of Sindh HighCourt) is already showing its nature by its name. As the case alert system by messages and emails. This system facilitates both the advocates and litigant parties.

ECAMS Sindh High Court

Case Flow Management System for District Courts of Sindh High Court

The Sindh high court has launched this unique case management system for the ease of the people of Sindh province. This system provide clear and specific details about the put case in the court to the people. Petitioners can find the details of their cases easily in this management system online.

It provides the easy search for the status of any criminal case or social disputes case to make the ease for the inhabitants of Karachi. Click on the link to get the procedure of case flow management system in district court of the Sindh high court
Case Flow Management System

Sindh High Court jobs portal

Sindh High court provides the jobs opportunities to the brilliant citizens of the Sindh province. They can apply and server for this honorable body to make the justice easier to the people of the Sindh. Online job portal is the portal on which the new vacancies are published and advertised. All the details about jobs in Sindh court are available at online job portal of the Sindh court. Click to approach the online job portal of the Sindh highcourt.

Job Portal

Sindh High Court Judgments and Orders

The Sindh High Court is the honorable justice providing department of Pakistan. If we talk about the blessings to the people of Karachi and whole Sindh province then, it would not be less than one of the blessing to explore the justice. The honorable judges are working their best to facilitate the petitioners by awarding them justice in the right manner. All the criminal and social crimes are being heard on this platform.

Which is going to be one of the basic need to the people. Moreover, the Sindh High Court is providing many facilities to the case holders, like on line proceedings process, online case search, online case details and many more facilities.

So, the all of these facilities are due to the information technology department of Sindh High Court. So the decision or judgments finalized by the court are being published on daily routine basis on the official platform of the Sindh Court. So this is the main facilitation to the people, that they can easily read the judgments and orders of Sindh Court at their home by just visiting the website.

The judgments and orders concluded strong details and all information about the disputed parties. Individually, the judgments section is also generated on the site with the updated orders and judgments. The users can read and download the files of Sindh Court judgments and orders uploaded by the IT section of high court. Fully updated judgments and orders are being uploaded on site.

Latest Judgments

Latest news and notifications in Sindh High Court

The news and notification section is most important and facilitated part of any government department. Every department built their official online platform where they manage different and quick sections to make the approach of the users easy.

In this concern, Sindh Court is probably not leaving any single tip which can improve the life  of advocates, law suit parties, practitioners, and other all the employees serving for this giant body of Pakistan. Most of the important and easy facilities include the quick and advance case search, case alert system, ECAMS and daily cause system of Sindh Court. Above the mention services doesn’t meant that, news and notification section is not important.

News and Notifications

Objection check lists Memorandums writ in Sindh High Court

In every department of the government official method is to be followed for a single case or task to proceed. There are some rules and regulations are being followed in government sectors and these rules are the key points to do the official tasks efficiently. Literally,

the Sindh Court department of Pakistan is also running on extraordinary rules and regulations. Rules are summarized in the objection key list and that to be followed to popup the case in the court. Clearly, the each and every task is to be done at writ objection list. Basically, the writ is the cluster of instructions provided by the Sindh Court or any other officials to annoy the some action or allow to take some action.

  • Same as should be done with copy of FIR.
  • Well the translation in to Sindhi language must be done on the documents.
  • In the case of pivotal changes, cutting, or overwriting, the title of the document should be replaced with the corrected format. Read more key points

Objection Memo- Writ

Objection check list requirements Civil in Sindh High Court

Literally, there are different lists of requirements or check lists are being followed in the government sectors to perform specific action or task. Therefore, Sindh High Court has also maintained the requirement list for petition the civil case in the court.  So basic key points should be followed by the petitioner to feed the case to the Sindh High Court. The Civil requirement check list is also provided on the site.

Markedly, the Writ check list is also exist there. Requirement list of objection list for civil law suit is given below. Before going to the check list, it is compulsory to acknowledge that given requirements should be fulfilled in the duration or within seven days to present the case in the Sindh High Court. In the condition of any missing in check list point or delay in fulfilling requirements, the case will not entertain by the court and will be dismissed by the Sindh High Court. So let’s go to the points to mention:

  • The confirmation or declaration of time duration of submitting the appeal in the court. Is the appeal submitted to the Sindh High Court within thirty days?
  • The law suit should be under the law. This must be ask by the court.
  • The competency level of case revision is must asked by the court. If it has zero competency level then also let the court to know that.

Objection Memo Civil

Objection check list requirements Criminal in Sindh High Court

Sindh High Court has also provided the check list or requirements list for the criminal case appeal on the official website. That list must to be followed to petition the criminal case appeal to the Sindh High Court. Each and every point should be filled on the application to add the case to the court.

It can be done as according to the observation or memorandum check list officially given by the Sindh High Court. The Civil requirement check list is also provided on the site. Markedly, the Writ check list is also exist there. All the sections of the check or requirement list should be done properly. Otherwise, Sindh High Court can dismiss the appeal. The check list memorandum or requirement list for the criminal case appeal to the Sindh High Court is given.

  • First point is same as the all the observations should be filled within seven days before the start of proceeding the case in the court.
  • Appeal should be submitted in 30 days completely and accurately.
  • By the maintaining the application under law it should be adored with the certified impugned list or copies of order given by the concerned court.

Objection Memo- Criminal

Approaches for Overseas Pakistani

The Sindh high court is providing its direct connection to the overseas Pakistani. Overseas Pakistani get the contact of Sindh high court and they get any type of help and information by send the mail or on direct call to the Official office of Sindh high court. Click to get the g-mail address and contact number of the Sindh high court office. Complaint Cell

Sindh High Court Complaint Cell

A democratic state adored their citizens with the right of speak against any sort of misbehavior or any non-intention by any scale of government officer. The government of Pakistan has announced plenty of the complaint boxes in the government offices. The Prime Minister Complaint portal is most popular and effective platform for the inhabitants of the Pakistan to put the complaint any type of government department. Even the complaint call numbers have been launched by the government of the Pakistan.

The honorable body of the Sindh province is providing the simple and effective system for the complaints by the people. Case holders can easily search the OFFICIAL CONTACTS to get the information or fulfil their purpose to contact the officials of the Sindh High Court. Basically, the complaint cell of the Sindh High Court is the platform provided by the information technology department of judiciary system. On this platform, anyone who have any sort of problem regarding judicial system can put their complaint on this platform.

Contact List of Judges

Complaint Cell Sindh High Court