Case Alert System and ECAMS Electronic case alert messaging system of  Sindh High Court

ECAMS is the abbreviation of electronic case alert messaging system implemented on Sindh High Court. ECAMS is also known for cases alert system. Most facilitated electronic service given by Sindh High Court is ECAMS which is the another form of CFMS. ECAMS have installed for the High Court of Sindh (Karachi court) and Sukkur bench of Sindh High Court currently.

But the passage of time it would be applicable on the other District Courts of Sindh High Court.  Case flow management system is the same as electronic case alert messaging system. They differ only on the basis of simple and single difference.

Difference is that the CFMS is facilitated the litigant parties on the website and provide the details of their lawsuits. On the other hand the electronic case management system for at Sindh High Court is facilitating the lawsuits holders by providing them the full details of their cases at through their contact numbers and email addresses. So that’s why these both systems are homogeneous.

ECAMS (Electronic case alert messaging system of Sindh High Court) is already showing its nature by its name. As the case alert system by messages and emails. This system facilitates both the advocates and litigant parties. Advocates can get the details of cases they are holding like, next hearing date, witness presentations, name of honorable justice who is working on such case and other details.

And litigant or disputed parties can also get the details on their mobile phones or email accounts. But advocates can also search the Daily Cause List for the details of their work at Sindh high court. Daily cause list also provides the same but definite details about the case handled by the advocate.

Similarly, the litigant parties can also get the details at Case Search at Sindh high court website. Luckily, the case alert or electronic case alert messaging system is the platform which is built under the kind supervision of Honorable Chief Justice and IT Director of Sindh High Court. eCAMS Sindh High Court intimate the advocates and disputed parties in the form of personal contact number text and electronic mail. It has made the judicial procedures more accessible and easy for the lawsuit people.

Now the question is raised that, how can we be the part of ECAMS Sindh High Court? Or how can we apply for electronic case alert messaging system of Sindh High Court? Or what we can do to get the details of our cases on our mobile phones and mails? Or What is the procedure for ECAMS Sindh High Court? So the answer of all the above mentioned questions is so simple and easy.

As the procedure is simple and accessible to all the advocates and case holder or litigants. A user would download the form and fill  up that form and submit to the administration staff of Sindh High Court. A registration form will be available at the official website of Sindh High Court

Registration Form of ECAMS Sindh High Court

Registration form is simple and can be easily filled by the user who want to be register for ECAMS. Everyone can simply filled the form by just mentioning some important details and submit to the admin staff of Sindh High Court. Form simply needs the branch or district court, name of applicant, phone number or email address and other important details. A form will be downloaded in the word format then user can fill up the details in the word format and can take out the print. You can insert a glance on the picture of given registration form.

Download Form


How to apply for Electronic cases alert messaging system or cases alert system of Sindh High Court

The method or procedure to get the details on your phone or email address is simple and follow some given steps.

Step.1 Search “ECAMS Sindh High Court” at the google.

Step.2 Simple interface will be shown to your screen. And just open website of Sindh High Court.

Step.3 The downloading option will be given at that page you have opened by searching cases alert messaging system at phone. Then download the registration form. Form will be downloaded in the form of word format or file. However, the user can edit that form and fill up the details by using Microsoft word software.

Setp.4 Take the print out in the form of hard copy.

Step. 5 If you have not fill up the details on the form in the word format then you have to write manually. Then get the blue pen and write the mandatory details about yourself.

Step.6 Take that form and visit the official office of Sindh High court. Then submit that form to the administration department who deals with the cases alert messaging system on phones and emails applications.

Step.7 keep that in your mind, you should mention your cellular network number that you are using uniformly. Cleary mention the network company of your contact number.

Step.8 Don’t forget to attach the photocopy of your original card of national identity certificate allotted by the Pakistan state.

Step.9 With the copy of national identity card, user have to attach the copy of Membership certificate issued by the Sindh High Court. In that certificate it will be written that the applicant is the employ at Court as an advocate.

Step.10 Wait for the successful registration message by the Sindh High Court at your phone or in the form of mail. After few days you will get the confirmation message by the administration department. After the confirmation message of registration, you will be able to get the all details about your case on your personal contact number.

That will be great facilitation to the users. Next hearing date and judgments of the Sindh High Court will be shown in the message sent by the administration.

Notice: In some technical errors of network, users may cannot get the email or messages on their phones. So they are advised to visit the website and check the daily cause list and search case. And you can also compare the schedule of your case mentioned in the message with the cause list. A court will be not responsible in the case of any missing error.

How to fill up the ECAMS registration form?

Some necessary details are required to fill up the form. After that form will be acceptable for the submission.  Follow simple step to fill up the registration form.

  1. Mention the court either you want to apply for high court or district court.
  2. Write the full name within blocked letters.
  3. Write the father name. In the case of married applicant have to write the name of spouse (wife name).
  4. Write the national identity card number in the form.
  5. Input the cell phone number. Please write the permanent cell phone number which you always use in daily life chores.
  6. Carefully, select the name of Network Company of your contact number. Like Zong, Jazz, Ufone etc.
  7. Carefully write the Gmail address on which you will get the mail about the details of your case.
  8. Write the permanent residential address of your home and office. Office address in the case of advocate.
  9. Writ the official fax number and phone number. For the advocates only.
  10. Some details are required for the advocate applicants. Write the name of bar council in which you are performing your occupational career.
  11. Input the registration number of your bar council.
  12. Select the enrollment nature of your job.
  13. Finally, insert your signature at the right down corner of the registration form.
  14. Don’t write in the last section. That is only for the office use.

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