Daily Cause List Lahore High Court

Either proceedings is done or in continue, can be directly check on the daily cause list of Lahore High Court provided by the Lahore high court. The daily cause list also describe the total and accurate timing hours to the case holders. They can check the timing hours in the daily cause list, when their case will be proceed to the hearing process.

Lahore High Court Cause List Download

How to download Daily cause list Lahore High Court

The method of downloading or generate the daily cause list is quite simple and unique. Just follow the simple steps to generate daily cause list.

Step 1:

Just visit the official website of Lahore High Court and Click on the cause list option given at left corner side of the website.

Step 2:

Select the bench of your choice at Lahore High Court.

Step 3:

There will many options for the daily cause list of Lahore High Court. Choose what type of daily cause list you want to generate and download.

Step 4:

To generate advocate wise work cause list, you have to put the national card identity number of the advocate and cause list date in to the daily cause list of panel.

Step 5:

Then Click the submit button given at right side at the screen of your laptop or cell phone.

To download the daily cause list click below the links.

Below, given link can provide you the District court wise cause list, daily Nazir cause list and advocate wise cause list to the case holders. The case holder can check the whole details at CFMS constructed by  Lahore High Court.

With also the facility of Daily Cause list, the Lahore High Court Roster can also be checked to get the punctuality in service of the judges and lawyers. The information sector is providing highly unique facility for the petitioners to get the information about their cases submit in the Lahore high court.

The daily cause list provided by the IT sector of Lahore high court gives the information about the hearing schedule of the case put by petitioners in the Sindh high court.

A daily cause list can provide the case number. In addition it tells the name of both petitioner parties which have put the case in Lahore high court to get the justice for their right provided by the honorable high court of Sindh. Daily cause list also provides the status of proceedings of the case.

Cause list stands for a list of cases awaiting for a hearing. Cause list mainly schedules the cases to be heard by courts on following day.  Cause lists of Lahore High court, Supreme Court and other high courts of Pakistan are generated on daily and weekly bases.

Cause list insert the ease and comfort to the employees working at Lahore High Court while during court work. Basically, the daily or weekly cause list determines the complete and schedule of hearing or pending cases at Lahore High Court.

The daily cause list can give the touch employees to their work at department within just few seconds of downloading that list. An officials can get easy understanding to their work at Lahore High Court. The court wise cause list, judge wise cause list and daily Nazir cause list can be generated through cause list panel at Lahore High Court.

Advocates can generate their own cause lists to check their cases to be hearing. Case number wise access is possible through daily cause list panel. Retrieval through the name of either petitioner or respondent is possible through cause list.

Daily Cause list of Lahore high court present in Lahore city of Pakistan is designed and developed by information technology department of High Court of Lahore. Cause list structure of Lahore high court Lahore is discussed in section present below.

The cause list which is deal by chief justice and a justice present in Lahore high court is divided into five sections which includes a section of bail after arrest applications and applications under section (426 CR.P.C), a section of fresh cases, hearing of cases  in priority and other section is for hearing of cases.

Cause list of those cases which are heard by two justices found in Sindh High Court. Lahore has a section for fresh cases, a section for directions and a section for hearing of cases in priority and a section for application in disposed of cases. Chief justice deals with fresh cases in the rest of Lahore High Court.

Daily Cause list of cases which assigned to only one justice includes a section for hearing of cases in priority and a section for application in disposed of cases or it may include a section of for bail after arrest applications and applications under section (426 CR.P.C)  and  also for fresh cases and for application dispose of cases .

Cause list for announcement of judgment or order is also assigned to a justice. In last there is the list of advocates which have been granted general interruption in their cases without expectation and a list of advocates which have been granted general adjournment in their cases except date by court.

An honorable officer, Deputy Registrar of the judicial system generates the daily cause list for High Courts of Pakistan.