Potato Casserole With Minced Meat Delicious Food Recipes

Potato casserole with minced meat is a wonderful dish with a very successful combination of tastes and textures. It has long been known that potatoes and minced meat are like the sky and clouds – they are very comfortable together and in this dish they perfectly complement each other. Like Romeo and Juliet.

The recipe is designed for the most simple kitchen users, there are no difficulties in cooking. Moreover, cooking this dish is very simple and pretty quick. As a result, we get a very tender dish: soft mashed potatoes and juicy minced meat – what could be better.

Zucchini omelet Delicious Food Recipes

An omelet is a great breakfast or snack option. But today it is not just an ordinary omelet or scrambled eggs, but an omelet with zucchini and tomatoes, which go well with each other, adding usefulness to the dish and expanding the flavor range. Moreover, the dish is relevant in the season of fresh zucchini, that is, in summer.

In Italy, usually this kind of omelet, that is, with a filling, is called frittata. The low calorie content of the omelet allows you not to hesitate and eat half of the prepared dish in one sitting. This is a really cool property when you can eat and eat delicious food as much as you want.

Spanish tortilla Delicious Food Recipes

Spanish Tortilla Delicious Food Recipes. Spanish tortilla is a cool Spanish breakfast or snack made with simple ingredients that are almost always on hand – potatoes, onions, and eggs. In other words, it can be called an omelet with fried potatoes. All this was invented in Spain, and speaking in Spanish, it is correct to call this dish Spanish Tortilla Delicious Food Recipes.

Country style potatoes Delicious Food Recipes

Rustic potatoes are, without exaggeration, the best that can be made from potatoes. Country Style Potatoes Delicious Food Recipes. Dishes like this have not yet been invented on our planet, and therefore one cannot stand aside and not cook. Moreover, the recipe turned out to be competent and very successful. According to this recipe, rustic potatoes will consistently turn out and turn out to be much tastier than in a well-known fast food, I conducted numerous tests on friends and it seems that this is really so.

Thin pancakes on kefir with holes Delicious Food Recipes

Everyone loves pancakes: both adults and children. Thin Pancakes Kefir With Holes Delicious Food Recopies. At Art Lunch, there is already a classic recipe for making pancakes – pancakes with milk, you can eat such pancakes even every day. But mastering a new recipe will help to diversify the usual way of making pancakes – today we will try to bake thin pancakes on kefir with holes. Thin Pancakes Kefir With Holes Delicious Food Recopies.

Banana Pancakes Delicious Food Recipes

Banana pancakes are a great solution for a delicious and hearty breakfast or afternoon snack Banana Pancakes Delicious Food Recipes. In fact, these are regular pancakes, enriched with the powerful flavor and health benefits of a banana. If we try to find a more or less decent recipe for banana pancakes on the Internet, we will come across the fact that, for some reason unknown to me, there are quite a few banana in the recipes and a lot of everything else.

Pizza base thin crunchy dough Delicious Food Recipes

Pizza base thin crunchy dough Delicious Food Recipes. For quite some time I have been trying to achieve the perfect pizza dough, so that it turns out to be thin and crunchy, like in a real Italian pizzeria. And now, finally, it seems to me, I have found the right recipe. The dough is made quite simply, do not be afraid of the presence of yeast in the ingredients, because this is a safe yeast dough, and it is quite difficult to do some.

Zucchini salad for the winter Delicious Food Recipes

Experienced hostesses always try to prepare more jars with various salads and pickles for future use Zucchini salad for the winter Delicious Food Recipes.  In winter, of course, conservation is indispensable, it is perfect for both a daily diet and for banquet feasts, New Year’s, again in winter. Today I will share with you one of my favorite recipes – I suggest making a delicious zucchini salad for the winter.

Lemon glaze Delicious Food Recipes

Lemon glaze Delicious Food Recipes. Lemon glaze is very simple and quick to prepare, and you only need two ingredients to make it, these are powdered sugar and lemon juice. This icing is perfect for decorating muffins, biscuits, cupcakes, and any other confectionery that can be glazed. I used lemon icing to decorate the cakes, it works especially well for Easter saffron cake, where the zest is erased from the lemons, and the lemons themselves remain.

Chicken leg pieces with mushrooms in a creamy sauce Delicious Food Recipes

Chicken meat is very versatile, it can be cooked in hundreds of ways and everyone will be different Chicken leg pieces with mushrooms in a creamy sauce Delicious Food Recipes. This is what I like the chicken very much, and it also allows me to experiment a bit with the flavors. This recipe is one of the ways to cook chicken legs, we will make chicken legs with mushrooms in a creamy sauce.

Chicken in cream Delicious Food Recipes

Chicken in cream Delicious Food Recipes. Chicken in cream is a simple and tasty dish, which is quite suitable for both beginners and experienced gourmets. A minimum of ingredients, an excellent combination of flavors and an easy preparation method distinguish this recipe from other recipes with chicken. The dish is prepared so quickly and easily that even a tired and hungry vegetable warehouse worker can handle it.

Grilled salmon And Ginger lemonade Delicious Food Recipes

Grilled salmon And Ginger lemonade Delicious Food Recipes. If you are tired of grilling kebabs every time you go to nature or you just want to try something new, then cook grilled salmon on charcoal. Salmon steaks (you can use trout) are prepared much faster than kebabs and do not require preliminary preparation (the fish does not need to be pickled). You can buy fresh salmon or trout steaks just before the trip.

Cheesecakes with cottage cheese Delicious Food Recipes

Cottage cheese is definitely one of the important foods for the normal growth and development of our children Cheesecakes With Cottage Cheese Delicious Food Recipes. But not all children are ready to voluntarily eat cottage cheese; arguments about the benefits of products rarely work on them. If you are facing a problem of how to feed your child with cottage cheese, then it’s time to bake cottage cheese cakes.

Turkish Lentil Puree Soup And Orange Ice Cream Delicious Food Recipes

Turkish lentil soup “Turkish lentil puree soup Delicious Food Recipes” literally translates as “lentil soup” Turkish Lentil Puree Soup And Orange Ice Cream Delicious Food Recipes. . This is an exceptionally tasty and nutritious dish that will be enjoyed by many, and will warm you well on cold days. Turkish lentil puree soup Delicious Food Recipes is usually cooked from red lentils, because green does not give such a rich taste and color. Turkish Lentil Puree Soup And Orange Ice Cream Delicious Food Recipes. Orange Ice Cream Delicious Food Recipes is an original summer dessert that diversifies a wide range of all kinds of ice cream and will delight lovers of interesting original tastes. Orange ice cream cannot be bought in a regular store, so this is a pretty valuable recipe that you should definitely try to make ice cream.

Cheese soup with seafood Delicious Food Recipes

Delicate silky cheese soup with seafood is quite simple to prepare Cheese Soup With Seafood Delicious Food Recipes, but it attracts with its exquisite taste and appearance. The soup turns out to be bright and aromatic thanks to the addition of spices, despite the fact that for cooking we use such rather neutral products as leeks and cauliflower.

Rye bread roti Delicious Food Recipes

Rye Bread Roti Delicious Food Recipes are delicious, pleasant and healthy thin rye croutons that can be an excellent addition to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is convenient to take them with you to nature, work or on the road as a snack. If you are on a diet, then there is a loaf of bread roti. They are prepared quickly and from the simplest ingredients.

Pesto tasty chatni Delicious Food Recipes

Pesto Tasty Chatni And Tomato Sauce For Pizza Delicious Food Recipes sauce (Pesto tasty chatni) is a popular sauce of Italian cuisine based on basil, cheese and olive oil. Pesto tasty chatni translates from Italian as grind, grind or trample, due to the method of preparation of the sauce, all the ingredients of which are ground in a marble mortar with a wooden pestle. As a rule, Pesto Tasty Chatni And Tomato Sauce For Pizza Delicious Food Recipes has a specific green color, it is added to pasta, pizza, lasagna, when making soups, and simply spread on bread.