Judgments of Lahore High Court pdf

The Lahore High Court is the honorable justice providing department of Pakistan. If we talk about the blessings to the people of Lahore and whole Punjab province then, it would not be less than one of the blessing to explore the justice. The honorable judges are working their best to facilitate the petitioners by awarding them justice in the right manner.

All the criminal and social crimes are being heard on this platform. Green Bench Orders. Which is going to be one of the basic need to the people. Moreover, the Lahore High Court is providing many facilities to the case holders, like on line proceedings process, online case search, online case details and many more facilities.

So, the all of these facilities are due to the information technology department of Lahore High Court. So the decision or judgments finalized by the court are being published on daily routine basis on the official platform of the Lahore High Court. So this is the main facilitation to the people, that they can easily read the judgments and orders of Lahore High Court at their home by just visiting the website.

The judgments and orders concluded strong details and all information about the disputed parties. Individually, the judgments section is also generated on the site with the updated orders and judgments.

The users can read and download the files of Lahore High Court judgments and orders uploaded by the IT section of high court. Fully updated judgments and orders are being uploaded on site.  Case Law

Judgments of Lahore High Court pdf

Entire details about the case are given in the file uploaded on the official site. Details covers the name of Honorable Justice who gave the judgment and orders, name of disputed parties, dated of decision, district court and other compulsory details.

There is individual section of the judgments in which all the latest files of judgments are uploaded. And those files can be downloaded in the pdf file that user may keep that for record and read that keenly. In the addition there is another section which holds the judgments files which uploaded currently or within last day.

So the users can easily read and download that file.

Case 1.

Judgments approved for reporting by sitting judges

Case 2.

Judgments approved for reporting by former judges

Case 3.

Green Bench Orders

Case 4.

School Security Orders

Case 5.

Green Bench Notifications

Other Cases

Judgments of Lahore High Court pdf

After the judgments the court orders the doings to the case holders. Those orders must be fulfilled on the demand of court. Basically, the orders are the actions are doings ordered by the Lahore High Court to be filled in a legal manner. Orders may be any kind of task.

They can be life time imprisonment to the guilty one, six months or more than six months imprisonment. They can be also the money fine charged on the guilty person found by the court. Some orders are uploaded in the form of file which can be downloaded by the users.

How can we check the judgments of Lahore High Court online?

The procedure is quite simple and the users can easily read and download the judgment and order file uploaded by the IT department. Method is based on some levels of procedure.

Level 1

Go to the Google. www.google.com

Level 2

Type the “Judgments of Lahore High Court” and press the enter button on your keyboard.

Level 3

Two major section will be shown to you. One would be of judgments and other would be of orders given by the Lahore High Court.

Level 4

All the latest and updated judgments and orders would be uploaded named by the case number, name of justice and disputed parties. So, you can easily click on the choice of your file and download and keep for personal record.

Keep the currently uploaded file section given below the page of the site. Which is tamed with the new judgments of Lahore High Court which are uploaded currently or few days ago.