Latest news and notifications in Sindh High Court

The news and notification section is most important and facilitated part of any government department. Every department built their official online platform where they manage different and quick sections to make the approach of the users easy. In this concern, Sindh High Court is probably not leaving any single tip which can improve the life  of advocates, law suit parties, practitioners, and other all the employees serving for this giant body of Pakistan.

Most of the important and easy facilities include the quick and advance case search, case alert system, ECAMS and daily cause system of Sindh High Court. Above the mention services doesn’t meant that, news and notification section is not important. It has greater value.

As it is really helpful to the employees working in this department. Users can easily visit the site and find the actual notification about their concern and get benefit from that.  Every sort of news about the department are providing in this sections.

New may be about the proceeding by the district court of Sindh High Court, Advocate call letter, hearing date of high profile case, appointment of new justice and some other important topics. Judgments of Sindh High court are included in the news and notification panel.

And in the case of latest notifications by the Sindh High Court may be about summer and winter vacations schedule, important or event holidays notifications and transfer orders etc. Interesting fact is that this major section includes all the concerned sub sections for the users.

Such a way users can easily search their concerned news and notifications. Further the news and notification section of Sindh High Court is divided into some categories. All the sub sections are given below.

Cases of judges & advocates

  1. This section included the cases and honorable judgments given by the Justices. Every type of news and notification about Sindh High Court are uploaded on regular basis.
  2. Oath taking event of Additional judges
  3. Notification about Registrar Company bench 2018
  4. Formation notification about company bench at Sindh High Court
  5. Appointment date notification of the honorable judges
  6. Oath taking notification of honorable Chief Justice of Sindh High Court
  7. Promotion letter of pre senior judges
  8. List of required document for the advocates to get the registration at the department
  9. Case about disposed of notification
  10. Nazir Branch News
  11. Notification about judgments given by justice
  12. Appeal notification about criminal case
  13. Order notification about welfare department
  14. Order confirmed by special court of Sindh High Court

Movements order

  1. Different movement labeled with order number are uploaded below.
  2. 490 Anti-terrorism movement
  3. 1236 2016/25 August
  4. Other movement orders
  5. 831 conference order

New and Events

  • Schedule about pay orders
  • List of retired employees about steel mill case
  • Circular notification 2020
  • COVID 19 notification
  • Written test results taken for the post of junior operators


  • Schedule for winter holidays

Notification about orders of posting

List of dismissed employee’s notification

Matters of Courts

Tender notification

Other notification

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