Objection check list requirements Criminal in Sindh High Court

Sindh High Court has also provided the check list or requirements list for the criminal case appeal on the official website. That list must to be followed to petition the criminal case appeal to the Sindh High Court. Each and every point should be filled on the application to add the case to the court. It can be done as according to the observation or memorandum check list officially given by the Sindh High Court. The Civil requirement check list is also provided on the site. Markedly, the Writ check list is also exist there. All the sections of the check or requirement list should be done properly. Otherwise, Sindh High Court can dismiss the appeal. The check list memorandum or requirement list for the criminal case appeal to the Sindh High Court is given.

  • First point is same as the all the observations should be filled within seven days before the start of proceeding the case in the court.
  • Appeal should be submitted in 30 days completely and accurately.
  • By the maintaining the application under law it should be adored with the certified impugned list or copies of order given by the concerned court.
  • Bailing and non-bailing Performa should be filled properly and vakalatnama must be attached congaing the information about the accurate number of certificate of national identity certificate with complete ledger number given by the administration staff of the Sindh High Court.
  • The honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan gave the honorable judgment in the 1997, 23rd march. This judgment should be lighted on the appeal should be lit to approach the trial court for proceeding. Number of bail application should be mentioned and criminal bail number should also be mentioned as well.
  • Affidavit should be attached and completion of pleading form to trial court must be done.
  • Two complete set of criminal appeal with proper engraved number of law should be provided to the Sindh High Court.
  • Original power of attorney with complete and confirmed home or residential address should be mentioned on the appeal or application regarding to the criminal case.
  • Accurate and proper highlighting of annexure should be done with official attestation.
  • English translation should be done with paging order with not filling the legible copies of the appeal.
  • Translation into English should be done by the advocate who has the hired by the petitioned party.
  • The blanks spaces shouldn’t be left and proper indexed must be done.
  • The forwardness of appeal copy to the General Prosecutor of Sindh High Court is compulsory.

Objection Memo- Criminal

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