Online court proceedings at Sindh high court

Online court proceedings is the unique and prestigious service provided by the information technology department of Sindh high court. This is also known as OCP (Online Court Proceedings) among the court employees. Now this is the great source of information to the petitioners to get their cases online proceedings. The online proceeding facility is provided for three courts of Karachi city. Case holders can check the status of their cases on exclusive and simple platform by just providing some necessary details about their cases. The case holders simply choose the district court of Sindh High Court in which they have submit the case for great justice. The online court proceedings can be done at Hyderabad district Court, Larkana district court and Sukkur district court. Now the question is generated that how the online court proceedings of Sindh High court or other district courts of Sindh can facilitate the common man of Sindh?

Benefits of online court proceedings at Sindh High court

Simply, due to worst situation of COVID-19, the Sindh High Court launched the online case proceeding procedure on the official web site of Sindh High Court. It can keep the case holders safe from the dense gathering at physically high court and reduces the chances of COVID-19. So the people can get the online proceeding at their home. They can save the traveling expenditure and make their health safe. Online they can get the information about the stage of their cases. Either they are in pending or to be continued by the court. In Addition they can also check the status of their cases. They can also know that how many hearings have done at online court proceedings done at Sindh High Court. So basically, the common man should consider this service as the pearl given by the honorable department of Pakistan. So the next question is raised how can be the online court proceedings can be used?

How to use the Online Court Proceedings of Sindh high Court

The simple method is being revealed at this platform about the online court proceedings at Sindh high Court and other its district Courts. It should be keep in mind that the Hyderabad online court proceedings, Sakkur online court proceedings and Larkana Online proceedings have the same procedure on the website. Simple the difference is that, the user will chose the bench on interest where the case would be petitioned.

  • Simply open the Google browser and search the online court proceedings (OCP) at Sindh High Court.
  • After getting the homepage of online court proceedings, the user have to put some details at software of website.
  • First required detail will be the date of list. But you don’t have to put the date into that box. The system will automatically fetch the date of that day in the box.
  • Now click on the box in which the judicial side is written. Once you click on that box, then a dropdown list will be shown to you that. In that list the Appellate and Original options will be show. If you don’t know clearly about those options then just select the Original Option.
  • Then go to the next text box where type of list is required. After clicking in the box again dropdown list will be shown and user will have to select one of them.
  • Last detail required will be the bench of the case. It means in which district court of Sindh High Court, your case is petitioned. Again dropdown list will appear on your laptop or mobile screen.  Then you will have to select one of them.
  • Then click on the Submit button given at right side of the screen. After that all the online proceedings details of your case will be shown on your laptop screen.

You would be able to check all the details of your case. The file safe option will also be provided to you. After that you will be able to print the status of your case on the paper. You would also download the file in pdf format for your record.

Hyderabad online court proceedings (OCP)

Larkana online court proceedings (OCP)

Sukkur online court proceedings (OCP)


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