Sindh High Court Complaint Cell

Sindh High Court Complaint Cell is basically the most important facility of Sindh High Court. As Sindh High Court Complaint Cell can free any person to put their any sort of complaint against the misbehavior, laziness in performing duties etc.  A democratic state adores their citizens with the right of speak against any sort of misbehavior or any non-intention by any scale of government officer.

The government of Pakistan has announced plenty of the complaint boxes in the government offices. The Prime Minister Complaint portal is most popular and effective platform for the inhabitants of the Pakistan to put the complaint any type of government department.

Even the complaint call numbers have been launched by the government of the Pakistan. The honorable body of the Sindh province is providing the simple and effective system for the complaints by the people. Case holders can easily search the OFFICIAL CONTACTS to get the information or fulfil their purpose to contact the officials of the Sindh High Court.

Basically, the complaint cell of the Sindh High Court is the platform provided by the information technology department of judiciary system. On this platform, anyone who have any sort of problem regarding judicial system can put their complaint on this platform. There are specific contacts given to fulfill the complaint against in the form of any disservices, misbehavior and recklessness to the case by the any judicial officer or any government officer by the department.

The Sindh High Court has divided the complaint cell or center in to four sections. The Contact List of Judges of Sindh High Court is also provided by the IT sector.

Complaint section against any district court and their judicial officers

This section includes the service for any inhabitant who demand for the justice. The can complaint against any sort of judicial officers or employees in the case of any grief, misbehavior or non-intentional behavior by the employee to the case holder. For this purpose the email address is given below. A user can complaint via email address.  The process of the mail complaint is simple.

The case holders have to just send the mail by their already prepared Gmail accounts.  If anyone have not any google account to get the Gmail service. Then they can easily generate their account. They just type Then write Gmail signup. On the sign up google will ask some details of the user.

Likewise, first name, second name, contact number, residential address, and birth date. So after fulfilling the details, the google will generate the account. And don’t forget the Gmail address and password given by the google.

Then open Gmail account and type the Gmail the send that mail at the given Gmail address below for the complaint.

[email protected]

Sindh High Court Complaint Cell for Overseas Pakistani

The second complaint section of Sindh High Court is most appreciable and to be supported. This section facilitates the overseas Pakistani. They can easily put their complaint against any officer or employee of the Sindh High Court. Basically, the complaints always put in the result of any sort of graveness, misbehavior or laziness by the government officer. So the Overseas Pakistani can put their complaint at the given Gmail address below the paragraph.

[email protected]

Contact Official Phone Number: +92-21-99203341

Official Fax Number:  +92-21-99203217

Sindh High Court Complaint Cell against any departmental officer

If any case holder have any sort of complaint regarding the demand in justice by the judicial officers or departmental officers then they can freely put the complaints. They can write up the details about their complaint and send that to the official given Gmail address. Simply, the procedure of the creating the Gmail account is given in the above paragraph. The Gmail address for the complaint is given below.

[email protected]

Information Desk of the Sindh High Court

IT sector of this judicial department has also benched the information desk department to facilitate the citizens of the Sindh. So they can easily call at the given contact number and encounter any type of information they want to know.

(021) 99203151-9 Ext. 280

Suggestion box for the Sindh High Court

Sometimes the case holders click some brilliant ideas in their mind about the government departments regarding their reforms. So information technology department of the Sindh High Court has launched the section for this purpose. So the Citizens of the province Sindh has right to give their opinions and suggestions about the reforms of the department.

They can easily give the suggestion on given Gmail address. If they have any sort of opinion about the official site of the Sindh High Court then they can freely insert their suggestions.

[email protected]

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